Be a Leader of the Future — Today

Be a Leader of the Future — Today

Have you grown weary of the hundreds or even thousands of articles published on top traits, behaviors, and tasks for effective leadership?

Leadership gets a lot of attention these days, but so many are saying the same thing at some level, and not much changes.

There’s a lot of focus on leadership traits, behaviors, and things for leaders to do, but one critical piece has been missing:

In today’s world, effective leadership has more to do with who you are being and making yourself a better human than what you are doing.

The first necessary step in changing our state of being and making ourselves a better person begins by learning how to lead ourselves, and we do that by starting the journey inside.

In Be a Forward Thinking Leader of the Future — Today, I explain why and how to take this journey.

Building new structures for effective leadership

Five actions are needed to build new structures for effective leadership in the 21st century:

1. Recognize the Real Problem

We’ve become very good at learning new things, but how do we unlearn? We’ve been unknowingly programmed by over 400 years of Industrial Age thinking and practices. 

2. Look, Listen Within

Today’s always-on and fast-paced world drowns out our inner voice. How do we turn off the noise, so we begin to listen and access our own greater wisdom?

3. Create a Better Self

We are highly skilled at being more productive and getting things done, but what about our integrity, character, ethics, and state of being?

4. See the Boundaries

Our perception of the world changes when we become more aware of our boundaries. We become less limited by our previous understanding.

5. End the Dysfunction

Humanity faces enormous challenges that threaten life as we know it today. Our current level of consciousness allows these issues to persist.

I hope this book will challenge your thinking on leadership and inspire you to explore leading from the inside out. 

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— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder, leaderone