See the Boundaries

Our perception of the world changes when we become more aware of our boundaries. We become less limited by our previous understanding.

PHILOSOPHER AND AUTHOR Marshall McLuhan argued that when we become aware of our boundaries, they are no longer our boundaries. 

In early 2020, triggered by world events due to the pandemic, I began as an exercise to review all the insights, people, and books that had influenced my inner journey.

This initiative resulted in creating Space Beyond Boundaries and publishing a collection of over 150 forward-thinking images that I feature in weekly blog posts. Today, the collection includes over 300 images and continues to grow.

The images are intended to make the invisible more visible and the immeasurable more tangible, making them more accessible, real, and actionable.

What is space beyond boundaries? Space Beyond Boundaries is where we discover possibilities outside the limitations and constraints we typically impose on ourselves.

It’s an open space where we explore new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities not constrained by traditional thinking, limiting beliefs, and self-imposed limitations.

In this space, we break free from the boundaries that hold us back and find new ways of thinking and being.

It’s a space where we can tap into our creativity, intuition, and inner wisdom to explore new ways of solving problems, creating value, and making a difference in the world.