The Real Problem

We’ve become very good at learning new things, but how do we unlearn? We’ve been unknowingly programmed by over 400 years of Industrial Age thinking and practices. 

The real problem

Amid so many challenges today, we must rethink what it means to live and work together in the 21st century. Turbulent times and ever-increasing complexity and challenges are the new normal. How can we thrive in this new reality?

We need to recognize the real problem. The real problem isn’t our tumultuous world, rapid change, global war, or pandemic. 

The real problem is that we’re accustomed to living and working based on Industrial Age thinking and practices.

Our parents, schools, and society have unknowingly programmed us and the media on how to think, live and work in a world that no longer exists. Today’s ever-changing world requires us to enter into a quest to transform ourselves and learn new ways of living and working together.

When everything changes so quickly, things like command-and-control leadership, managing change, best practices, working harder, or even working smarter and other Industrial Age practices are no longer enough. Worse, they keep us stuck in the past.

Today’s world calls on us to step into our leadership — whether or not we are formally in a leadership position. The human of the 21st century is a leader — someone who can lead themselves (and others) in every interaction with another human being.

It’s time to consider how Industrial Age rules and thinking limit us and start living in today’s reality. 

Individuals must be able to lead themselves and others, regardless of position, location, or circumstances. If you are a human, you are a leader.