Forward Thinking Narratives Define the Future

When we apply a narrative to the morass of information, we can connect some of the pieces and see a coherent image. And when the stories are connected in a narrative, that power grows exponentially.

Ann Badillo, et al., Narrative Generation

Discovering the power of narrative

As many of you know, I have two focus areas in my work and publish two separate newsletters. 

In Forward Thinking Workplaces, I engage in generative conversations with pioneering business and thought leaders to create insightful content.

And second is Space Beyond Boundaries, where I share and expand on the dimensions of the inner leader journey that this work triggered.

Exploring Forward Thinking Workplaces was the second generation of my work that started as 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success.

Space Beyond Boundaries came about as a result of the pandemic. I simply stopped what I was doing and waited for something new to emerge. 

Then through synchronicity, many unrelated events and people came together to create Space Beyond Boundaries.

Frankly, for many months now, I’ve given a lot of attention to bringing the two bodies of work together. Or maybe even stop work in one area to focus on the other.

Recently, a lot more clarity has emerged on these questions after discovering a fascinating little book, Narrative Generation: Why narrative will become your most valuable asset in the next five years by Ann Badillo et al.

In Narrative Generation, we learn that narrative is the glue that connects stories and gives them context and meaning. Stories are the tales that exist within a narrative.

The forward-thinking narrative

I believe the overall arc of my work can be described as a Forward Thinking narrative. 

I now see that both areas of my work will now come together as the idea that “Great companies in the 21st century will take their people and organizations on a Forward Thinking journey.”

I had a hunch that it was now time to communicate the two most compelling messages from my work in a more visible way, so I scheduled two online events to talk about those ideas with a broader audience.

For Forward Thinking Workplaces, the message was, “Forward Thinking conversations will define the great workplaces of the 21st century.” 

And for Space Beyond Boundaries, it was “The inner path is the way forward in the 21st century.”

Iā€™m sure both of these messages will evolve and sharpen for the Forward Thinking journey is an ever-evolving energetic container where change is ongoing and natural.

Stories are a one-way message ā€” a monologue, if you will ā€” while narratives are an interactive dialogue or conversation.

Ann Badillo, et al., Narrative Generation