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Discerning Collective Wisdom from Collective Intelligence

Embracing Collective Wisdom

I recently revisited an intriguing interview I conducted in 2012 with Rod Collins, who had just retired as the COO of Blue Cross Blue Shield. In our discussion, Rod shared a pivotal moment in his career that beautifully illustrated the power of collective intelligence.

While attempting to implement a comprehensive IT system across all Blue Cross Blue Shield units, Rod encountered significant challenges. The breakthrough came when he convened representatives from each unit, fostering a space where listening and collaborative decision-making became the norm.

Rod’s journey resonates deeply with many of my own experiences with dialogue, where I’ve observed the transition from collective intelligence – pooling group knowledge – to accessing collective wisdom, a more transcendent insight.

Recently, Rod expanded on these concepts in a thought-provoking LinkedIn article. His insights on harnessing collective intelligence are not just innovative but transformative.

Click here to read the article, ‘An Evolutionary Leap in Human Intelligence,’ and my comment on LinkedIn.

I remember you mentioned your interest in ‘Collective Intelligence’ in a survey I conducted recently. While I might have mislabeled the survey, the essence of our quest remains unchanged. I believe Rod’s article will provide you with fascinating perspectives on this topic.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to share your insights with me via email or join the discussion on LinkedIn.

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