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Embracing the Unknown: The Evolution of Space Beyond Boundaries

The Power of Boundaries Redefined

In the words of the visionary Marshall McLuhan, “Once you see the boundaries of your environment, they are no longer the boundaries of your environment.”

This insight has been a guiding light for us at Space Beyond Boundaries (SpaceB) as we navigated the complex landscape of the unknown, innovation and creativity over the past four years.

Today, we are announcing the sunsetting of the SpaceB website, marking both an end and a new beginning.

Over the past four years, SpaceB has been a platform where over 200 weekly blog posts were shared and more than 400 innovative designs were born.

It was a space where ideas flowed not from the confines of our minds, but through us, sourced from a space beyond—a process that often starts in the unknown.

These ideas and creations have not only fueled numerous transformative workshops that have positively impacted hundreds but have also given rise to an extensive archive of over 200 weekly blog posts. 

This rich repository of innovation and insight will now serve as the foundation for a new book or series of books. 

As SpaceB transitions, these books aim to illuminate the invisible and unmeasurable essence of our journey and continue to inspire and ignite change far beyond the confines of our initial platform.

Learning to Work from the Unknown

Working from the unknown demands doing the inner work; it requires developing an inner stillness and an openness to unfolding possibilities. It’s a new and exciting space, where intuition leads and logic follows.

For the past four years, each week I faced a blank screen as I sat at my computer. Unsure if anything would happen—sometimes doubting anything would at all—I learned to embrace and surrender to the unknown. 

In this space of uncertainty, exciting new designs and articles would spontaneously get created.

This isn’t work as most of us experience it; it’s an adventure that elevates work to new heights. Ideas and insights emerge effortlessly, as if they spring from a source beyond the conscious mind.

However, this deeply fulfilling practice is often ignored in our fast-paced world, where constant activity and noise can silence the subtle whispers of our inner world and voice.

Letting go of conventional thinking and embracing the unknown has not only fueled the creative output of SpaceB but will also continue to inspire our future projects at LeaderONE.

Transition to LeaderONE

As SpaceB as a standalone website goes away, the spirit of creativity and exploration that defined it does not end but rather transforms and takes new shape at LeaderONE. Our commitment to unfolding innovative and thought-provoking content, products and services continues.

I invite each of you, who have journeyed with us at SpaceB, to join us at LeaderONE. Here, we will continue to share new designs and articles that I hope will inspire you, provoke thought, and bring more creativity into your life.

A Heartfelt Thank You

I cannot express enough gratitude to all who have supported and inspired SpaceB. I’m especially grateful for my colleagues John Ryskowski and Wolfgang Fiebig who have inspired and worked along side me in so many ways and on so many occasions.

Thank you to all for being a pivotal part of our story. I look forward to welcoming you to this next phase of our creative journey, where we will continue to explore and create from the unknown, together.

To your forward-thinking life & great success!

— Bill 

Bill Fox, Founder, LeaderONE
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