How to Elevate Your Leadership Odyssey and the Future of the Workplace

Hello Reader,

Your connection to our community—be it through Forward Thinking Workplaces, Space Beyond Boundaries (SpaceB), or LeaderONE—isn’t just a participation; it’s an invaluable contribution.

Many of you have helped shape my work and who I am. Some have been part of this unfolding journey with me for over a decade. Thank you.

Why LeaderONE

The world is rapidly changing; traditional leadership and organizational change practices and models aren’t enough. How do we then become the leaders and workplaces of tomorrow — today? That’s the challenge LeaderONE aims to solve.

The LeaderONE Platform

We aim to revolutionize how great leaders and workplaces emerge in the 21st century by creating experiences that transcend business as usual and following the crowd.

Together, we’re opening spaces for profound inner transformation and dialogue that foster opportunities for truly transformative interactions.

We address a critical yet often overlooked aspect of the modern workplace: employee engagement’s unseen and invisible aspects.

“We need different ways of thinking and working, but most people are stuck in their habitual ways. The LeaderONE Workshops are an excellent vehicle for opening up and igniting more people to new ways of being, thinking, and doing.” — Wolfgang Fiebig, Facilitator, Mentor & Coach

What’s Unfolding Starting in September

We’re excited to announce a new line-up of monthly workshops starting in September, including:

  • LeaderONE Leader Workshop (9/6)
  • Free introductory workshop (9/13)
  • LeaderONE Workplace Workshop (9/20)
  • Dialogue on Dialogue Workshop (9/27)

Special for Subscribers

  • Sign up before September 1, 2023, to get a 20% discount on your membership.
  • Current paid Forward Thinking Workplaces and SpaceB members are automatically enrolled in the LeaderONE Platform and eligible to participate in the workshops.

Financial Contributions Are Not the Only Way

I never want financial constraints to be a barrier and for no one to hesitate to explore alternatives. If the traditional payment model doesn’t resonate with you, let’s explore unlimited forms of value exchange. I’m committed to co-creating a path that honors your gifts and works for you.

How to Get Started

The world is yearning for leaders who can guide us through these challenging times. Will you be one of them?

Still Thinking It Over

Get a glimpse into the transformative possibilities LeaderONE has to offer by attending our free introductory webinar on September 13, 2023.

Your involvement is not just welcomed; it’s vital for the collective transformation we aim to foster.

We believe we need a new playbook. Navigating today’s new era requires a paradigm shift in self-perception and a fresh understanding of how your mind works, what defines a leader, and how you perceive and interact with the world.

Let’s do this!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

P.S. Questions, curiosities, or thoughts? Schedule a conversation or reply to this email. Together, let’s craft a future that celebrates individual brilliance and collective wisdom.