How to Shape Tomorrow Today by Turning Business as Usual into Innovation

Hello Reader,

I look forward to presenting How to Shape Tomorrow Today by Turning Business as Usual into Innovation at the 2024 IEEE Aerospace Conference.

The aerospace sector and many other vital industries today stand at the forefront of technological innovation, with aspirations from artificial intelligence and deep-space exploration to revolutionizing terrestrial transportation.

However, a stark contrast exists between our ambitious future and the outdated frameworks that govern our current organizational structures and thought processes.

We risk falling behind unless we integrate more holistic human transformation into our organizations and ways of doing business.

My paper aims to catalyze transformation by outlining a five-step liberation process. It seeks to challenge the deeply ingrained Industrial Age paradigms that persist in modern leadership, education, and governance, advocating for a more balanced, self-aware approach to solving complex challenges.

This paper draws upon real-world instances and offers actionable insights, constituting a manifesto for change within aerospace and other industry sectors as a blueprint for broader societal transformation.

To enrich the content of this paper, we are conducting an ongoing survey targeting professionals and thought leaders within the aerospace industry and other industries.

This survey seeks to gather opinions and experiences that will provide a multi-faceted understanding of the current state of human-centric leadership and problem-solving methodologies.

Your participation would be invaluable in shaping a comprehensive dialogue to drive meaningful change.

I welcome your feedback on any aspects of this paper or survey.

To our forward-thinking life & great success!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces