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How to Unlock Your Greatest Potential at Work

I still vividly remember my surprise when I interviewed Perry Marshall in 2017 for Forward Thinking Workplaces.

When I asked him what people really lack and long for at work, he replied:

‘What people long for, and are also terrified of, is living the Hero’s Journey.’

If you’re unfamiliar with Perry, he’s an accomplished entrepreneur and a highly regarded expert in many domains, so his words carried a lot of weight with me.

This idea became the heart of the presentation, and I’m excited to share it.

It’s not just about sharing frameworks and the things that great leaders do; it’s about understanding our own paths to becoming heroes in our lives.

Join me on this adventure, and let’s find the hero inside each of us.

— Bill

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“Racking the shotgun is doing the thing that polarizes everyone. All great leaders rack the shotgun. That’s the essence of it. It takes courage.”

— Perry Marshall in The Future of the Workplace