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Inner Work, Outer Impact: Breaking Free from Autopilot

Almost 99% of our life runs on autopilot. We are living the lives of complexes that are very similar to instincts because they are automated and reflex like.
Dr. Helena Lass, Wellness Orbit


When I interviewed Dr. Helena Lass for Forward Thinking Workplaces, I was deeply struck by her words, “Almost 99% of our life runs on autopilot.” This startling statistic reveals a profound truth about the human condition – the vast majority of us are sleepwalking through life, unaware of the unconscious patterns and behaviors that shape our day-to-day existence. 

We go through the motions, reacting to stimuli and following ingrained habits, without ever fully engaging with the present moment or questioning the underlying assumptions that guide our actions.

Most people are running on autopilot and don’t know it. When we are running on autopilot, we are trapped in the past or the future, caught up in the endless stream of thoughts that the mind produces. This state of unconsciousness prevents us from accessing the power of awareness, which is the key to effective communication, leadership, transformation, and so much more.

The Power of Awareness

By becoming aware of our thoughts and mental patterns, we create space between ourselves and our minds. In this space, we can choose to respond consciously rather than react unconsciously. We can listen deeply, communicate clearly, and make decisions that align with our highest purpose.

This inner work is essential for anyone who wants to create meaningful change in their lives and in their organizations. It requires a willingness to step out of the illusion of autopilot and embrace the reality of the present moment. As we awaken to awareness, we unlock our true potential and become a force for positive transformation in the world.

Embarking on a Transformative Leadership Odyssey

In our workshops, we help you slow down and discover what you are most ready to change to make this transition. Our LeaderONE workshops offer a transformative journey that guides you to break free from old ways of thinking and embrace a new path towards growth and success.

The LeaderONE Leader workshop focuses on expanding your personal development and leadership capacities from the inside out. Through themes such as awareness, dialogue, forward thinking, and understanding the mind, you’ll learn to access greater creative power and become a force for good.

The LeaderONE Workplace workshop provides a unique opportunity to sit at the same table with industry leaders, delving into their perspectives on the ever-evolving landscape of work. You’ll discover applicable tools to shift attitudes, implement transformative change, and craft a thriving future for your team.

Finally, the LeaderONE Unbound workshop unlocks infinite wisdom through transformative conversations. Guided by six key principles, participants engage in deep listening, suspend judgment, and explore new perspectives, allowing new realities to emerge.

Your Call to Adventure

By embarking on this transformative leadership odyssey, you’ll transcend the usual in leadership and the workplace. Together, we’ll explore the depths of your potential, reshaping leadership and the workplace from the inside out.

Discover insights and experiences that foster authenticity and visionary change. This is your call to adventure—embrace your leadership odyssey and lead with the depth of your being. 

To your forward-thinking life & great success!

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder, LeaderONE

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