On the Brink of Brilliance

On the Brink of Brilliance

How to reimagine stress and creativity in today’s modern world.

Hello Reader,

There isn’t a day that passes when we don’t directly or indirectly experience the severe impact that stress can have on our mental health and physical well-being.

In 2016, I discovered a new understanding of how the mind works that turned my reaction to stress on its head and skyrocketed my productivity and creativity.

The impact was so dramatic that I went on to interview many experts on this topic. They provided many illuminating insights into how we can harness stress as a catalyst for innovation rather than a roadblock.

I’m excited to share one of those interviews from The Future of the Workplace that reveals a new understanding of how the mind works and the intricate relationship between stress and creativity.

Get ready to reimagine what you thought you knew and step into the brink of brilliance.

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder @ LeaderONE, SpaceB, and Forward Thinking Workplaces

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