The LeaderONE Podcast: Illuminating the Leader Journey

LeaderONE is a podcast inspired by the wisdom of timeless luminaries like Dee Hock, Dr. Marilyn Jacobson, Dr. Lance Secretan, Joseph Jaworski, and many others who are redefining leadership for the 21st century. 

Each episode will explore the trials, triumphs, and defining moments of authentic leadership through deeper conversations with established and emerging leaders. More than a podcast about leadership, it will be an enlightening journey towards self-betterment, fostering courage, life change, and understanding leadership in our interconnected world.

Episode 2: Authentic Leadership: The Wellspring of a Discovery Mindset

In this session, we threw away our prepared questions and uncovered authentic leadership, which prioritizes individuality, self-discovery, and personal growth while trumping prescriptive formulas. By seeking to understand the ‘why’ behind our actions and nurturing our natural curiosity, we cultivate a leadership style that respects our unique journeys and encourages us to connect meaningfully with others. This authenticity in leadership—rooted in continual learning, self-awareness, and sensitivity to our environment—yields more impactful results than relying solely on procedural knowledge or expertise.


Episode 1: An Interview with Dr. Lance Secretan, Author of Reawakening the Human Spirit

In this episode, we interview Dr. Lance Secretan on his new book, Reawakening the Human Spirit. A transcript of this episode was also published on our site Forward Thinking Workplaces.