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The Hidden Depths of True Leadership That the Crowd Doesn’t Get

Whenever you are aware of yourself as the space of awareness rather than what happens in that space, then you are connected to the deeper dimension of yourself as the awareness behind all things. True intelligence operates through you then.
— Eckhart Tolle

Imagine a leader who naturally embodies the traits of a great leader and acts from a place of profound wisdom. What if true leadership isn’t about what you do, and that leader is within you, ready to be awakened?

The many lists of great leadership practices we find on social media focus on external behaviors and actions. While these are important, they only scratch the surface of effective leadership.

These lists often overlook the inner qualities that truly define great leaders. Leadership isn’t just about actions. It’s about revealing the inner state of being of leaders and how they embody these principles in their actions and being.

As Eckhart Tolle suggests, leadership that’s rooted in a deeper dimension leads to better solutions and right action. When leaders operate from their conditioned self or ego, they are merely reactive acting upon past knowledge and experience.

But when they connect to a deeper awareness, a greater intelligence can flow through them, leading to more conscious and effective leadership.

Focus on the inner, the outer will follow. True leadership arises from a deep connection to one’s inner self, which then naturally influences outward actions and results.

Here are a few key areas often overlooked:

  1. Deep Self-Knowledge (Awareness)

Great leadership starts with a profound understanding of oneself. This involves exploring the nature of inner awareness from the perspective of many great minds and teachers. As Tolle notes, it requires being aware of the “stillness” and “unconditioned consciousness” within. Our Awareness Portfolio provides a rich and innovative space for deep reflection and inner growth, offering a diverse collection of insights and perspectives to support your leadership journey.

2. Fully Present (Mind)

Understanding the mind can help leaders be calm and present. When leaders realize their experience is created from within, they can let go of busy, stressful thinking. This allows them to be more responsive, connected, and effective in their roles. A quiet mind fosters clear thinking. It also fosters deeper listening and wiser decisions. It creates an environment where creativity and collaboration flourish. Our Mind Portfolio offers insights and perspectives. It can help leaders understand the mind’s role in shaping their reality.

3. Embracing Change (Forward Thinking)

In today’s world, leaders must develop a forward-thinking mindset. This involves embracing change, anticipating future trends, and challenging conventional practices. Our Forward Thinking Portfolio offers a unique collection of insights and perspectives. They’ve inspired leaders to think beyond the limits of the Industrial Age and find new solutions to modern challenges. By being forward-thinking, leaders can navigate uncertainty with confidence. They can also create a more adaptable and resilient organization. Visit our Forward Thinking Portfolio to discover more about embracing change and leading in the face of uncertainty.

4. The Inner Journey (Journey)

Leadership is not just an external journey, but also an internal one. Good leaders embark on a path of self-discovery. The inner journey requires courage. It also requires one to be vulnerable and willing to confront one’s own limits. Our Journey Portfolio offers insights on the unwritten path of the inner leader’s journey. It offers a mirror for self-reflection and an invitation to start your own transformative expedition. By embracing the inner journey, leaders can develop greater self-awareness, authenticity, and resilience.

5. Leading from Within (Leadership)

True leadership emerges from a deep connection to one’s inner wisdom and values. Effective leaders don’t rely on traditional styles and techniques. They cultivate a deep capacity for self-reflection and inner listening. Our Leadership Portfolio presents new ideas. They challenge common views of leadership. They invite leaders to explore how looking and listening can transform. By leading from clear, sure inner beliefs, leaders can inspire others. They can also build trust and create lasting, positive change.

6. Transformative Dialogue (Dialogue)

Meaningful dialogue is essential for building understanding, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation. True dialogue goes beyond conversation or debate as is commonly practiced. It requires a deep capacity for listening, empathy, and openness to diverse perspectives. Our Dialogue Portfolio has visuals and insights that inspire leaders to have deeper and transformative dialogue. By learning to listen deeply and speak authentically, leaders can create a culture of trust, respect, and shared purpose. This lets them unlock the wisdom of their teams and organizations.

In Summary

Transformative leadership emerges when leaders connect deeply to their inner awareness. From this stillness and awareness, they lead with truth, strength, and vision.

They have a higher purpose, inspiring others not just through their actions, but by embodying these principles in their very being. This is the true foundation for leadership, going beyond the surface to create lasting positive change.

Eckhart Tolle’s Insight

Eckhart Tolle’s words beautifully encapsulate the essence of this approach: “Whenever you are aware of yourself as the space of awareness rather than what happens in that space, then you are connected to the deeper dimension of yourself as the awareness behind all things. True intelligence operates through you then.” This profound awareness is the bedrock of authentic leadership.

Embrace this journey and lead with your true self. The world is waiting for your transformation.

— Bill 

Bill Fox, Founder, LeaderONE

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