The Most Powerful Question You’re Not Asking: Intrigued?

“Inherent in the question ‘What is most intriguing?’ is the invitation to explore our highest potential by focusing on what excites and engages us, rather than what holds us back.” 
— Kurt and Patricial Wright, Breaking the Rules

What’s most intriguing to you right now?

We spend most of our days trying to finish what’s not done or fix what’s broken. We focus on problems, obstacles, and failures. It’s exhausting and often ineffective.

But what if we flipped the script?

Instead of asking “What’s wrong?”, try this:

“What’s most intriguing?”

This simple shift can change everything. I know. I’ve been using this question almost every day for the past decade.

This question is at the core of our work at Forward Thinking Workplaces. It has been so powerful that we’ve built an entire six-volume book series around it. 

It’s called the Be a Workplace of the Future Now series.

Each book in this collection was developed from the ground up using this intriguing question as its foundation.

Kurt and Patricia Wright revealed the power of this question in their book Breaking the Rules. They found that focusing on what excites us unlocks hidden potential.

It’s not about ignoring problems. It’s about redirecting our energy towards possibility.

Here’s why it works:

  1. It taps into intrinsic motivation. When we’re intrigued, we’re driven from within. No outside motivation is needed.
  2. It sparks innovation. Curiosity is the fuel of creativity. By asking what’s intriguing, we open doors to new ideas from the intuitive part of our mind and what’s beyond the mind.
  3. It creates positive momentum. Success breeds success. Start with what’s working, and watch it spread.

This question is a powerful and practical tool for leaders, teams, and individuals:

  • Leaders: Use it to energize your team. Ask what they find most intriguing about a project.
  • Teams: Make it a regular part of meetings. “What’s the most intriguing thing we’ve learned this week?” 
  • Individuals: Apply it to your own growth. What intrigues you about your work? Your life? Follow that thread.

So here’s your challenge:

For the next week, start each day by asking yourself and your team, “What’s most intriguing right now?”

See what happens. 

Notice how conversations change. How energy shifts. How new ideas emerge.

You might just stumble onto something remarkable.

What did you find most intriguing in this article? Please let me know how it works out for you.

— Bill

Bill Fox, Founder, LeaderONE

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